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 Note: I will try and update this quarterly. If you find something to add sooner, just let me know.


Research Articles:

 GeneClinic's Hereditary Neuropathy with liabiliity to Pressure Palsy article by Dr. Thomas Bird - excellent research article. I copy this and take it to all doctors who I am seeing for the first time.

OMIM Clinical Synopsis


HNPP and Neurology Related

Dan's HNP web page- Dan runs the e-mail support grroup and chats.

HNPP general information

ONe Gene Two syndromes

Hospital Practice

PMP22 THR(118)MET: Evidence for a silent polymorphism

EMG Pathological Processes

National Institute of Neurological Diseases OK so they don't list HNPP yet. We can ask. Peripheral Neuropathy is listed as well as CMT.

Neuromuscular Disease center at Washington State University - This site has loads of information about neuromuscular diseases. Do a search for HNPP or any particular symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Unique Role of Fatigue , by J. Lamar Freed Psy.D. - I have found this to be a good article to describe the fatigue experienced in a neurological condition. One has to weed out all the information which is specific to MS though


Parenting and Disabilities

Disability resource this site has bulletin board type area

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