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Significant HNPP symptoms and treatment was originally included after much soul searching. Since HNPP is in general a fairly mild disorder and for most people (80-90%), if they notice anything, HNPP is mostly a nuisance, it seemed somehow not quite appropriate to bring up the possibility of significant disease. I guess I was worried about the powers of suggestion. But for 10-20% of people with HNPP, the disorder is more than just a nuisance. It begins to impact many, if not most aspects of their lives. These people are dealing with frequent problems/symptoms associated with HNPP. Fatigue and sometimes pain may be part of their everyday lives. And these people are the ones who are seeking information and the reason for this section.
Some common symptoms and treatment -- pain, pacing and adapting the house- are discussed in sections
below this one. Miscellaneous information will be included here as it is developed.
Fatigue can be caused by muscles weakened by HNPP. This is more the case with the progressive peripheral neuropathy than an individual pressure palsy. Some people think that fatigue is the hardest symptoms of HNPP to deal with. The level of fatigue can be like nothing you have ever experienced in your life before and hard to explain to others. When fatigue started to become a problem for me, I had all the significant people in my life read Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding the Unique Role of Fatigue , by J. Lamar Freed Psy.D. This explained the fatigue for them (and me) and allowed them to better understand what I was dealing with everyday.
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