What is HNPP?

By Maureen Horton believed to be a common, though greatly under recognized disorder affecting 1 in 2500.

...causes recurrent episodes of numbness and weakness brought on by trivial pressure or trauma. Recovery from these episodes is usually complete at first, but may progress to only a partial recovery.

...may mimic CMT or Confluent mononeuritis multiplex .

...may cause a painless arm paralysis of sudden onset. primarily a demyelinating disorder.

...causes carpal tunnel syndrome in approximately 90% of people. Additionally the majority of people have diminished or absent ankle reflexes. EMG's show slowing at the common entrapment sites of wrists, elbow and knees .

...can progress to a more generalized Hereditary sensori-motor neuropathy (HSMN). a painless disorder in approximately 85% of cases.

...does not affect life expectancy.

...can be diagnosed with a blood test.

...may be so mild that the individual is unaware of the disorder.

....can vary greatly in severity, even within one family.

.. may be misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis, CMT, stroke, TIA, lumbar disk problems, carpal tunnel syndrome and Bells palsy or an emotional disorder to name a few.

Last Updated: 10/98, Last reviewed 3/08